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Why Your Chicagoland Business Needs a Monument Sign

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Why Your Business Needs One

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Signage As Formidable As Your Businessl

Any business knows that quality signage is an investment well worth its time and money — quality signage communicates important information, showcases your business’ brand, makes your business visible in and amongst the competition, and constantly advertises — 24/7.

While any of the signage offered by Sign Central can provide these amazing qualities, we’d like to share a type of signage that does all that and more — monument signs. Monument signs are signs that sit at ground level and can advertise one business, or a number of businesses depending on your needs.

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Monument signs can be made of:

    Bold visuals that are impossible to miss

    Easy-to-read text and logos

    High-visibility, regardless of weather conditions

    A durable piece of signage that will stand the tests of time and weather

    Easily customizable signage

    Versatile applications

The Best Signage For Your Business


Monument signage provides a number of advantages over conventional signage that should be considered when investing in advertising for your business. For starters, monument signs are extremely durable forms of signage, considering they’re grounded, robust structures that are built from sturdy materials like the ones we listed above.

What’s more, because monument signs can be made from everything from brick to metal, there’s no limit to their versatility. From stone-basens with metal accents to a HDU foam core sign, we can create a monument sign that compliments your business’ aesthetic, communicates all the necessary information, and looks crisp and professional.

Because these signs are large and customizable, they’re highly-visible. Not only will your monument sign draw eyes to it because it’s an impressive site to see, but it will also clearly display everything from your logo and name to digital displays that convert scrolling info!

Again, there is no limit to the versatility of monument signage, and that makes them incredibly unique. Having a literal monument standing in front of your business shows customers that you’re established, successful, and here to stay.

We hope that this page has helped give you perspective on what a monument sign is and how it can benefit your business. The most important thing to remember is that in addition to being an amazing spectacle, monument signs are incredibly customizable, making them the perfect form of signage for an established business looking to further make their mark on their community.

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