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Pylon Signs In Chicagoland

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Durable, Attractive Pylon Signs From Sign Central

When you own a business, your brand image is just as important as the services you offer. It’s how loyal customers find where you are, and if done right, it can be a great form of passive advertising that gets new clients through the door.

However, when it comes to deciding on a type of outdoor signage for your business in Chicagoland, things tend to get difficult. From choosing a material for your sign to whether it’s going to incorporate lighting or not the whole process can be overwhelming — at least when you’re not utilizing the expertise of your local sign experts.

At Sign Central, we specialize in all sorts of exterior signage, however, one type of signage we especially recommend for local businesses is the pylon sign. Keep reading to learn more about the various reasons why you should utilize pylon signage for your business.

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Pylon Signage Offers:

    Bold visuals that are impossible to miss

    Easy-to-read text and logos

    High-visibility, regardless of weather conditions

    A durable piece of signage that will stand the tests of time and weather

    Easily customizable signage

    Versatile applications

The Superior Outdoor Sign


Pylon signs are perfect for the average business for a variety of reasons. For starters, they’re extremely versatile in terms of their application. Did you know that most times when you see signage at a strip mall that describes all the businesses you can find there, those are pylon signs? That’s right! However, that’s not all pylon signs are good for. They are also perfect for stand-alone business. That said, it’s important to highlight the sheer amount of possibilities when it comes to pylon signage! 

And outside of their versatility, pylon signs are extremely functional. On one hand, they’re easy to read, easy to light, and easy to maintain. This goes for clear, sunny days as well as overcast or storm days. Regardless of the weather, with pylon signs you can rest assured that your business is visible and accessible. 
Beyond visibility, pylon signs are built to last. Starting with a sturdy frame, you won’t have to worry about your sign blowing down or weakening over time. That, combined with either a flexible or rigid sign display creates a sign that consists of hearty materials that won’t only stand the test of time, but will also be easy to maintain. 

When it comes to signage, you want to ensure that you’re making a good investment that will last and serve to elevate your business’ standing in the community. With pylon signs from Sign Central, you can expect just that.

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Whether you’d like a pylon sign, or you’re interested in learning about the other exterior and interior signage options we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our experts will provide you with expert advice and services if you choose to move forward.

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