For most businesses, signage makes up a good portion of the marketing efforts. Think about the businesses around Arlington who do well. Their signage is probably a lot more than a single storefront sign. Even in our modern age, with the heavy emphasis on digital marketing, the physical signs that advertise your business can go a long way toward driving traffic into your store. Consider these commercial signs that you can’t afford to skip: 

Outdoor Signage

A big set of illuminated channel letters makes sense to bring in business. After all, it’s the quickest and most visible way to announce your business’s presence. But don’t stop there! Not only should your outdoor signage announce where you are, but it should also give a quick, easy-to-read reason for customers to come in. This can include big banners in the windows, decals to convey quick bursts of information, and a-frame signs or feather flags to catch people’s eyes. 

But it’s not enough to just have that array of commercial signs. The other key element is to make sure they’re custom-made to match your branding. Your banners, a-frames, decals, and any other signs should also correspond to your main exterior box sign or channel lettering. You don’t need to match the content exactly, but everything should at least feature the same styles and colors so anyone passing by can quickly connect the information to your business. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure all of your outdoor signage is placed in places that can easily be seen by people driving and walking by. 

Informational Signage

One of the quickest ways to confuse and drive away customers is to make it difficult to navigate your space. From signs in the parking lot to clearly labeled restrooms, informational and organizational signage makes it simple for your customer to navigate your business. For any retail store, informational signage is particularly important because it helps customers find the section they were looking for at a glance. The more organized your store feels, the more welcoming it is to shoppers — and the more likely they are to come back for future shopping trips. 

Accessibility Signage

Along with this, don’t forget that ADA signage is a very important subset of informational signage. Not only is accessibility signage required in many spaces, but it’s also going to make your space inviting to those with a handicap as well as their families and friends. When your business is welcoming and easy to navigate, customers are more likely to share those positive experiences with others. Don’t just hide away your ADA signs behind boring commercial signage styles; let it be known that you offer accessibility services, and make that clear through bold custom signage. 

Persuasive Signage

Persuasive signage should be the obvious category for anyone with even a scant knowledge about marketing. This is the stuff that calls attention to the products or services you want to highlight. It’s also a big way to carry your brand voice throughout your space in a way that can be swapped around easily with seasons and sales to keep your space feeling fresh and new. Make use of decals, posters, a-frame signs, and other signage to spread persuasive branding across your space and highlight the goods or services you want to feature. Just be careful not to overdo it or you may find that customers get bogged down in the spotlighted items and miss the rest of your wares. 

This subset of signage can include commercial signs that go outside of your space, not just indoors. A-frame signs, feather flags, banners, and other portable options can brighten up the nearby sidewalks or provide a bit of incentive to those driving by. Just make sure you balance the design of your custom signage. Signs going on the sidewalk or near the street should be less text-heavy since they’ll be read more quickly. 

Creating a Cohesive Design

No matter what signage you choose, one of the biggest factors to remember is cohesion. Connect with a local sign company for all of your commercial signs. Our experienced design team will help ensure that your brand is carried through from your storefront song to the decals on your windows. Call Sign Central today to get started!