The Sign Central retractable banner stands are the complete start to a perfect display or tradeshow booth. Easy to set up and easy to travel with. Gives your sign displays that professional clean look that you are looking for. Comes with a handsome carrying case. The full color banner is also included.

Sign Central’s design team can help you design your eye catching retractable banner stand today!

The banner sizes are:

  • 33″ wide x 79″ tall. Safe Zone is 28″ x 76″ . The Bleed Area is 33″ x 81″
  • 40″ wide x 96″ tall. Safe Zone is 38″ x 94″ . The Bleed Area is 40″ x 98
  • 60″ wide x 96″ tall. Safe Zone is 58″ x 94″ . The Bleed Area is 60″ x 98

Banner Sign Uses

Let’s talk about all the ways you can use a banner sign because, well, there are loads. At the most basic, a banner sign is just any printed banner so you could hang it from the ceiling or post it on a wall. Of course, most banner signs are made to be easily transportable, so they can just as easily be set up on a stand and placed anywhere you choose. Maybe that means catching attention by placing a banner sign on the sidewalk in front of your business, or maybe you need a banner to quickly advertise your business at local fairs or networking events. 

The big benefit to banner signs is that they can be either permanent fixtures or completely transportable — or pretty much anywhere in between. Banner signs are a great option to use as semi-permanent marketing because they are less expensive to produce, and you still get high-quality graphics. They’re also impressively durable, so they can hold up against frequent or ongoing use; though, of course, they aren’t quite as durable as a monument sign or something else made for permanent outdoor use. Because of their easy customization and durability, banner signs are a great option to advertise seasonal or limited-time deals, announce new products or services, and otherwise expand on your marketing in a way that pretty much any business can afford. 

Custom Design for Better Marketing 

This is where Sign Central steps in to help. Our sign company is made up of individuals with years of design and marketing experience so we can help you with more than just basic sign manufacturing. We put our skills to use to help you come up with beautifully designed signs that support your branding and catch attention in the right ways. From color theory to design layout, our sign company team members will work through the design process with you so that you can enjoy signs that match your branding and support your business. Connect with the Sign Central team for individualized help in Cary, Arlington, Aurora, Lake in the Hills, and more!