Jack Buttacavoli – Owner and Sign Expert, Jack, has been in the sign industry for over 30 years, working in as many as four other sign companies before starting his own in 1992. His extensive background and experience in all fields of the sign business make him a sign expert. He can design the signs, make, and install custom made signs. When you are dealing with Jack, you can rest assured that he knows what he is talking about. He is not a salesman trying to sell you a sign that he knows nothing about. Rather, he knows why custom signs will work for you and your business. His amazing gift of designing custom signs has always given his clients a step ahead of their competition. His passion and love for the industry show in every custom sign project he takes. He truly is an expert in the industry.

Jennifer Boenzi – Owner and Sign Expert, Jennifer, is a graduate of De Paul University with a Degree in Business Marketing. She has been in the sign industry since 1995. After graduating from college in 1996, she decided to make the sign company a fulltime career and joined her brother, Jack. With her marketing and business background, combined with Jack’s sign industry knowledge and graphics background, Jennifer felt that together they could make a successful sign company. Now after 30 years as partners, their winning combination has turned an ordinary sign shop into a thriving sign company. Jennifer’s commitment to her clients and their success is her number one objective. After years of experience in the sign business, she can offer her clients everything they need. From interior signage to exterior signage, Jennifer delivers. Jennifer becomes her clients “to go person for signage.” Deadlines and going the extra mile are things she takes care of for her clients on a normal basis.

Meet The Team

Rita Buttacavoli – Our Office Manager, Rita, has been with Sign Central for over 20 years. Rita is the one responsible for all the organization and orders at Sign Central. We would be lost without her, as she truly is the backbone of our sign company.  Rita is also the friendly voice answering all your calls.