Sign Central’s Various Foyer Signs.

First Impressions are everything. When a new client or firm walks into your business the first thing they see is your foyer signage. So make a lasting impression and let us make your signage look as fabulous as your company. We are here to guide you and are here to design the most perfect sign masterpiece for your business or office.

Dimensional letters are one of the most used forms of advertising. These can be made out of a metal, gator foam or plastic. Metal is by far the most durable and lends a sense of stability to the customer. Plastic and gator foam are an excellent material for business because they can give the look of metal but without the cost. The metal laminates look amazing and are so light weight. Whichever your needs are Sign Central can help you identify your business or institute to your public with dimensional lettering.

Sign Central’s Directory Signage…Today we see Directories and directory signs in many places such as malls, office buildings, airports, doctors offices, and city buildings. The purpose of this type of sign is to give location information to the viewer such as room numbers, current location, or flights. In those locations there are a vast array of directory types such as:

  • Airports – Airports use interactive digital directories for arriving and departing flights.
  • Malls – Malls use a combination of digital and lit directories that tell your location in the building.
  • Office Buildings – Office Buildings also use a combination of directories from the digital to the cast metal.

No matter what your directory needs are, Sign Central is your source for Directory Signs. Our experienced team of designers can provide not only what you need, but what will follow the theme of your building decor. The many different types of materials used range from cast metal, wood, HDU, brushed aluminum to digital. Regardless of which material you choose, Sign Central has the solution.

Directories require minimal maintenance due to the materials used in their construction. Lit and digital directories require more maintenance due to the need to replace light bulbs and upload new information, but both sign solutions can be produced and installed in a short time.

Experienced, Individualized Design Help

When it comes to your business signage, and especially reception or lobby signs, the design matters. And, unlike some options, there is an even greater expectation for your reception sign to be fully custom and beautifully designed. Between color options, how much wall space you have, any odd architectural quirks, and your existing branding, developing the right reception sign design can be tough. That’s why the Sign Central team is proud to have a strong background in marketing and design, not just sign manufacturing! 

Since your reception sign does so much work for your business, it’s important to get the design right. Our sign company has decades of experience in design work, and our process focuses on working with you to create the right design based on your branding and your space. This way, we can be sure that your lobby signage will be welcoming, look professional, and fit your business to a T. Are you ready to get started? There’s no need to go it alone when designing new signs. Let us put our experience to work for you! Call Sign Central for custom sign help in Aurora, Cary, Arlington, and across the Chicagoland area.