In this day and age, it probably feels like it takes a flashing, glittery, neon sign to catch customers’ attention — and that’s assuming you aren’t in Vegas, where neon is drowned out by more neon. You may not need to go all-out like that for your business signage in order to catch attention, but you should give at least some attention to your signage. 

Did you know that outdated signage may be a key reason you aren’t seeing as much foot traffic as you expect? It’s true! According to a study from the Sign Research Foundation, more than half of shoppers surveyed say they failed to find a business because the signage wasn’t easily visible. More than a third of shoppers have reported that they made judgments about a business based strictly on their exterior signs, and more than a third of shoppers agree that “they have made quality assumptions about a basis of clear and attractive signage.” Basically, when your commercial signs aren’t in great shape, shoppers pick up on that and it can affect your business. On the flip side, a third of shoppers say they have chosen to visit an unknown store because of the high quality of their signs. 

If you’re concerned that your building signs might be outdated, look for the following indicators. When it’s time for a sign revamp in Arlington or around Chicagoland, turn to your local sign company. Connect with Sign Central for a local, experienced, and fully custom business signage.


#1 – Your Signs Are Faded

This should be a pretty obvious clue that it’s time for new storefront signs. The sun, wind, and weather rolling off Lake Michigan all impact how long signs last. If your sign looks like a book left outside for a decade, it’s high time to talk to your local sign company for a replacement. Even if your exterior signs aren’t totally faded, it may still be time for a refresh. One helpful test is to drive by and see how easily your sign can be read from the street. 


#2 – Your Signs Don’t Stand Out

Back when your exterior signage was brand new, it probably had no problems standing out to passersby. But as technology improves and time passes, your sign may not stand out the way it used to. When your sign fades into the background, it may be time to talk to your local sign company about having new custom signs made. If you’re not sure whether your sign stands out or not, ask your customers. They can easily tell you if your exterior signage is doing its job or not. 


#3 – Your Signs Don’t Match Your Branding

Thanks in large part to digital marketing tools, most customers are going to expect consistency when it comes to branding. If your storefront signs don’t match up to your in-store signage and to your website, this can send the wrong message to your customers. Consistent branding helps carry a stronger message to your customers, which makes your business come across as more established and trustworthy. If you rebranded inside the store, make sure the changes carry over to your storefront signs too. 


#4 – Your Signs Are Text Heavy

The whole point of your outdoor building signs is to make sure customers can easily find you and get an idea of your branding — which can say a lot about your business as a whole. We know how tempting it is to shove a lot of content onto your signs. Don’t do that! The more text that goes on your storefront signs, the harder they are to read quickly. Someone walking or driving by should be able to skim your sign quickly and get an idea of what your business does. If not, it’s probably time to have new signs made. 


Creating New Signage

Bold, clear signage is an important way to make sure you get customers through the door. Whether you choose illuminated channel lettering, a monument sign, or box sign, your signage is a key way to get customers through your door day after day. Connect with the sign experts at Sign Central to explore all of our great custom signage options and see what makes us one of the best sign companies! We serve Arlington and across Chicagoland, so call today to get started!