It’s just that time of the day: You’re on your way home, stuck in the afternoon rush hour, and your stomach won’t stop reminding you that dinner is just around the corner. While you’re sitting in traffic, thinking about what you can make for dinner at home but wishing you could just swing through a drive-thru, that’s when you see it. 

Cutting across the rows and rows of vehicles, its bright color catches your eye, along with the content being displayed on the side of the sign. It’s a pizza topper, perched atop a delivery car that you know must smell like delicious pizza on the inside. Suddenly, you know what you’re going to have for dinner, and the best part is, you can go ahead and give them a call using the handy dandy number displayed on the topper itself. 

There are plenty of reasons you should invest in well-designed vehicle signs for your business, whether it gives you a chance to market without having to pay for customers to see it, keeps your car in great condition, or reaches a wider audience. Whatever the reason may be, there is definitely value in vinyl car graphics, as we will be deliberating three valuable reasons in this blog. 

Free Marketing Opportunity

Obviously, it costs some money to have your business logo and information onto a vehicle wrap and have it appropriately stuck to the car. However, this process is extremely cost-effective and does not have recurring costs for the duration of that advertisement. Once you have your vehicle wrap secured, you’ll have a sign that literally drives around and advertises your business. 

Attract, Don’t Distract

Vehicle graphics are a great method of marketing not only because it’s free, but because it does not disrupt customers’ reading and/or listening. Rather than blasting an advertisement over the radio or paying for a pop-up ad that disrupts what someone is reading, you can attract attention to your sign without distracting viewers. 

Protect Your Paint

Another reason that car graphics are beneficial for your business is that the vehicle wraps actually protect your car from minor scrapes and dents that can occur with everyday use of a vehicle. Obviously, magnetic or stick-on graphics aren’t going to protect you in an actual motor vehicle accident, but your car paint will stay protected from swinging car doors and anything else in a parking lot that scrapes the sides of cars. 

Reach a Wider Audience

Unless you’re on a public transit that is not actually on the road (such as the Subway in New York or the Tube in London), you’re going to see vehicles on your way to and from wherever you go during the day. Whether you’re on a bike, on the bus, taking a cab, or just driving in your own vehicle, you’re going to see cars on the road. 

By making your advertisement mobile, you are able to bring your display to customers rather than waiting for them to come to you. This way, you can potentially reach thousands (or hundreds of thousands!) of viewers in a short span of time. 

Unless someone is looking for a specific business or just happens to pass by your signs, they will probably not even see it. But if you have your brand brightly displayed on the side of a vehicle, then anyone who sits in traffic (which we’ve figured out is pretty much everybody) is going to see your advertisements. 

It’s also important to promote to your local market, especially if your business is a service in the area. People like the convenience of having the businesses they need to be close to where they live, so advertising your business in traffic will draw those local customers to your store. The use of outdoor media such as vehicle wraps reaches customers of the full socioeconomic spectrum, especially those who have a long driving commute and don’t usually engage in traditional written marketing approaches. 

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If you’re a business owner, you already know that marketing is arguably the best thing you can do to increase your sales. By utilizing vehicle graphics, you’ll have the opportunity to market your business the way you need without spending the money. Here at Sign Central, we have the car magnet designs you’re looking for in order to enhance your business marketing. Contact us by visiting our website to get your project started today!