In our last blog, we started getting you ready for Christmas — we know it may seem a bit early to start getting ready for the holidays, but planning ahead for the biggest retail season of the year will only contribute to your success. Another marketing tactic to incorporate during the holiday season and can be used all year long is window sign painting.

Stay right here to learn more about one of the easiest ways to amp up your business and be sure to check out the Sign Central website to learn how we can help your Aurora area business be successful. We offer illuminated channel signs and exterior signs. A sign can not only effectively communicate your brand, but also make your business visible to potential customers passing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

5 Ways Window Sign Painting Can Increase Business

There is a lot that makes a business successful — the quality of product or service and the way in which your product or service meets that need. You can be doing everything else right, but if you are missing effective marketing then you may lose out to other businesses. Window painting is a cost-effective way to generate more business and here’s why.

Easy Branding

Your brand is everything. Potential customers don’t just want to know what product or service you provide, they want to understand the way of life you offer them, as well as your values. It’s not enough to offer products. For example, if you sell cheese, people want to know what your cheeses can offer them: does it allow them to support causes that are important to them (locally and responsibly sourced), or satisfy their sophisticated, foodie sensibilities? Your brand is communicated best visually, and using the windows of your brick-and-mortar business is one of the best ways to do that.


A painted window also grabs attention. Especially in the digital age, there are many things vying for the attention of your target market: their phones, other people, other businesses, the weather, and more. Business is becoming a game of who can hold the attention of their customers effectively enough to generates a sale. A window painted artfully with your brand’s aesthetics can grab the attention of potential clients; your job is to hold their attention and fulfill what your marketing has promised.

Added Aesthetics

A window painting is also pretty to look at. Especially in areas of Aurora and Arlington that start to feel a little a concrete jungle, adding color can increase the happiness of those passing by. Window sign painting can be an easy way to decorate for the holidays like we talked about in our last blog. Though we still suggest including lights and other decor items, painting your windows allows you to easily switch between each holiday quickly. It allows you to artfully communicate upcoming or current specials. Give your business an added aesthetic with a temporary sign painting.  

Inexpensive Marketing Tactic

Compared to may other marketing tactics window sign painting is inexpensive. It is less expensive than a lot of other means for physical marketing such as mailers, billboards, and others. Though it is not a substitute to an exterior sign. Illuminated channel signs allow you to showcase your brand and draw attention to your location all hours of the day, versus sign painting that is usually only visible during the day; even if your business is located in a well-lit area, a painted sign can’t grab attention as well as a lit exterior sign.  

Can Increase Sales

From all that we have already shared, it seems like a easy conclusion: better marketing equals better sales. However, sometimes it can be easy to assume that minimal investment in your marketing will be trumped by the quality of your service or product. This rarely occurs; businesses that thrive simply from word of mouth do exist, but they are not the standard. Window painting is a tried and true form or marketing that is fairly inexpensive — use it to your advantage!

Permits Aren’t Required

Though it is best to check with your area to see what is permitted, in most cases, permits aren’t required for window painting, making implementing this type of market easy. Why not invest in a marketing method that doesn’t require cutting through yards of red tape. Simply implement it when you want and change it whenever the season, or your business, demands it. Marketing strategies that don’t require you to ask permission can sometimes be the best marketing. However, before you implement your window paint marketing, check your local laws and regulations.  

Use window sign painting this holiday season and the rest of the year to stand out from the pack and ultimately beat the competition. If you don’t have a illuminated channel sign or an exterior sign, visit the Sign Central website. We can provide you the sign that you need for your business.