An image of a business without a sign.

There is no denying that we’re currently undergoing an unprecedented and difficult time, especially if you own and/or operate a business. On one hand, many businesses, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, have been struggling to keep their doors open or who are struggling to reopen after locking down due to COVID-19.  As a top Aurora Sign Company, we put you first!

That said, many businesses have been able to reopen and resume conducting business. It may not be as usual, but it’s still business! Working to keep employees and clients safe is a priority, and an intensive one at that. Plus, it can be difficult to spread the word that you’ve reopened or even the changes you’re making to ensure health and safety at your business.

The truth is, it’s more important now than ever to have high-quality, attractive, yet cost-effective advertising opportunities to draw people back to your business. In today’s blog, we’re going to be discussing why this is so important and how professional signage can help you. 

Show Them You’re Here To Stay

Whether you’ve been in business for decades or you’re just starting out, image is everything. While word of mouth is a powerful and effective way to build a presence and reputation in your community, it’s not the most effective way to market a business. This is not to say that you shouldn’t value the word of mouth surrounding your business — after all, it gets plenty of customers in the door.

Instead, you should always be working to build upon and supplement the marketing that you’re doing for your business. This is where professional signage comes in. 

Think of all your favorite businesses — they have a recognizable and even loved brand image. This brand image makes them easily recognizable and creates a cohesive message throughout all of their marketing material.

Chances are, you already have a substantial brand image created. Between your business name, logo, and even the text you use, you have something your customers and the surrounding community recognizes. Now, if you package that into a crisp, professionally-crafted sign, not only are you constantly displaying and advertising your business and image, but you’re showing that your business is here to stay and committed to making an impact on your community. 

If you’re struggling to decide on a final logo and other branding materials, don’t worry! Another benefit of having a professionally-made sign from Sign Central is that you get the opportunity to collaborate with experts in signage, design, branding, and marketing in general. We’ll be happy to help you come up with branding and signage that encapsulates the heart and soul of your business to make for a memorable, impactful brand image. 

Clear Communication

In addition to showing your brand is legitimate and here to stay, professional signage makes it easy to communicate with your community — especially in a time like we’re currently experiencing. The truth is, people are ready to revisit their favorite stores and businesses, but many aren’t comfortable mozying through town to see what’s open and what precautions businesses that have opened are taking to stay safe.

With professional signage — particularly signage that features a customizable marquee or digital component — you can communicate so much with your customer base before they even come close. This means that as people pass in their cars or walking down the street, you can quickly convey the pertinent information they’re looking to know.

From “We’ve Reopened!” to “Now Open — Masks Required For Entry.” and everything in between, you can stay in touch and provide the information your customers want and need to know.

Plus, when the pandemic passes and we’re back to normal, signs that display custom messages will enable you to continually update your community with specials you’re running, new services and products, and so much more. 

Cost-Effective, Continuous Advertising

Another benefit that’s inherent with professional signage is that it provides you great advertising 24/7 and without regular marketing charges. Sure, if your sign is backlit or has a digital feature you’ll have to pay electricity, but all-in-all, a sign is a one-time investment that continues to prove its worth! 

As we’ve been discussing in this blog, professional signage is ultra-effective at communicating with and making a mark on your community. It shows that you’re here to stay and that you want to keep your community informed simply by existing!

Where billboards, bench ads, commercials, and social media promotions require you to pay each time for every advertisement, after your sign is installed and operational it’s constantly providing advertising and publicity with no extra cost to you.

In fact, the only extra money that’s required to have a professional sign is in regard to routine maintenance and, worst-case scenario, repairs. 

Obtaining Professional Signage In Aurora

For some business owners, you may already have a quality sign, or even branding that you’re looking to solidify by creating the perfect sign for your business. And for others, you may be considering a professionally-made sign for the first time. No matter where you are in the process, know that Sign Central is here to help you. We have years and years of experience not just designing, creating, installing, maintaining, and repairing business signage, but we also have years and years of experience undergoing the processes that are required to get signage implemented in the first place.

All of this is to say that when you work with a professional signage company, you’re not just going to receive a beautifully-crafted sign for your business and be left to figure out the rest. Instead, you’ll undergo an intricate but effective process to first plan your sign and get it approved to install.

Of course, we will custom-craft you an incredible, impeccable sign that fits your wants, needs, and restrictions before expertly installing it and ensuring that you understand how to operate and maintain it. At the end of the day, our goal is to provide you with an investment that will make you happy, bring you more business, and solidify your business within your community — all at a cost-effective price point.

If you’re interested in learning more about or obtaining professionally-crafted signage from Sign Central, please contact us today.