Our professional staff is experienced in all areas of sign production.

Custom illuminated signage provides some of the most eye-catching and sophisticated options available in the industry.

From static custom light-box signs to sophisticated electronic digital signage (EDS) systems, Sign Central’s full-service sign center can offer you the most comprehensive selection of custom illuminated signage.

Industries and businesses of all types, from fuel stations to department stores, use custom Illuminated signs. Custom illuminated signs have a great impact and provide effective advertising day and night.

To help you reap the benefits of Illuminated signs, Sign Central is pleased to offer a site survey, discuss your needs, and help you determine what options can best accomplish your unique objectives. We are always happy to provide expert recommendations to fulfill your need, meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

Interior Illuminated signs are of great benefit for your business when used in airports, malls, and office buildings. They are particularly effective when used for directory signs and advertisements.

Nothing makes more of an impact than illuminated signs, both day and night!

Are You Ready For Beautifully Custom Lightbox Signs?

Box signs are some of the most versatile business signage options out there — which makes them an ideal choice for just about any signage need! Whether you’re looking for a large box sign to sit on your business’s facade and shine like a beacon or you need some indoor-appropriate signs to clearly label your space, the Sign Central team can help. Not only do we use up-to-date technology to make sure our signs are of the highest quality, but we also have decades of marketing and design experience that we put to work for you.

Your business signage is one of the most impactful and cost-effective marking tools you have. It works 24/7, and toughs it out through all kinds of weather. With that in mind, it’s important that your business signs match your branding! Well, don’t worry about that. With our design experience, we’ll guide you through the process and come up with box signs that support your brand! If you have a monument sign out in front of your business, or any other signage, we’ll make sure your lightbox signage matches appropriately. Get started today and make your brand known! Connect with the Sign Central team to work with a local, experienced sign company in Chicagoland today!