Welcome back to the Sign Central blog! It’s hard to believe summer is just about here and you know what that means — an uptick in seasonal sidewalk sales, garage sales, and sporting events here in Arlington. But how can custom made signs help with all of these summertime happenings? Today, we will begin exploring the wild world of custom made yard signs and how your trusted Top Rated Local® Arlington signage company can assist you with your yard sign project. Below are some of the best uses for custom made yard signs which can direct traffic to your event, sale, or business.

Business Yard Signs

Not all exterior business signs have to be large and permanent to drive traffic to your company’s seasonal sale. Business yard signs are a powerful way to showcase your services or products without overextending your advertising budget. Maybe you already have a stunning storefront sign hanging above eye level to attract consumers, but you want a little something extra to highlight a special sale or event at ground level. Business yard signs are easy to set up and take down, easy to store, and can direct people to your business without much effort. Business yard signs are especially effective for companies located in historic houses or other residential structures.

Garage Sales and Estate Sales  

Maybe you don’t own a business but will be hosting a garage, yard, or estate sale to make a little extra money this summer. If you don’t want or need to invest in a larger, more permanent sign, a custom made yard sign can direct traffic to your temporary sale. What’s more, a custom yard sign looks a lot more attractive than neon poster board or worse, ripped up cardboard with “Yard Sale” written in black Sharpie. Make your yard or estate sale stand out from the others with a custom yard sign!

Sports Signs for Your Yard

Custom made yard signs aren’t just for businesses. These signs can be used to support local and national sporting events, including football, basketball, hockey, and, of course, baseball. Many residents in and around Arlington are diehard sports fans who want to show their support for their team in any way they can. Custom yard signs are the perfect way for Cubbies or Sox fans to support their favorite team during the entire baseball season with custom lettering, phrases, colors, and designs. Break out of the box with custom sports sign for your yard!

Start a Sign Project

If you’re ready to start a custom made yard sign project, call us at Sign Central, the Top Rated Local® Arlington signage company. We will work with you to design the perfect yard sign that meets your needs for your business, sale, personal use, or event, so give our sign company a call today to get started on your next custom sign project. Also, be sure to join us for part two of this blog series to learn even more about the common (and sometimes surprising) uses for custom yard signs.