Welcome back to the Sign Central blog! One of the most versatile styles of storefront signs are a-frame sidewalk signs, which can be used just about anywhere, and for all types of businesses and events. Now that the holiday season is officially here, many businesses and organizations will be looking for affordable signage to promote holiday sales, restaurant specials, holiday events, and more. A-frame signs are not only versatile, but they are also sturdy, fully customizable, mobile, and easy to see. As the Top Rated Local® Arlington signage company, we can provide area businesses with A-frame signs and, today, we’ll look at three common uses for these excellent signs.   

Sidewalk Advertising

With the holidays in full swing, Arlington retailers will want to entice passersby with holiday sales and promotions. A-frame signs are an affordable way to add extra signage for your advertising strategy to pull in more customers. Placing these signs in front of your store either on the sidewalk or curbside will catch people’s attention quicker than them having to look up above their line of sight to read a sign. Additionally, retailers can add colorful inserts to these signs which are appealing to current and potential customers.

Cafes and Restaurants

A-frame signs are perfect for showcasing your holiday food and drink menus. When people are out shopping for the holidays, they get hungry, and listing a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or happy hour special on an A-frame sign placed in front of your restaurant will draw people in. They can see your specials clearly in their immediate line of sight, which may appeal to them. An A-frame sign may prompt them to stop and read your posted menu, so this can improve the chances of receiving new business.

Special Event Promotion

Many area bars, restaurants, and coffee shops host holiday music performances and A-frame signs are an ideal solution for promoting temporary events such as these. A-frame signs hold concert and event posters snuggly, making them perfect for sidewalk advertisement to draw in a crowd. What’s great about a-frame signs is they can be reused again and again!

Call You Top Rated Local® Arlington Signage Company

If your business or even could benefit from a durable and attractive A-frame sign or another type of promotional sign, contact our team at Sign Central, the trusted Arlington signage company. We can create stunning promotional signs to drive traffic to your local business or event this holiday season. Give us a call to get started on a custom sign project today!