The holiday season is here, which means businesses and organizations throughout Arlington will be gearing up for holiday sales and festive events. In order for these sales and events to be successful, you will want to utilize the most effective advertising signs, but which sign would be best for your specific needs? In today’s post, we will look at some of the best sign options for effective holiday advertising, so read on to learn more!

A-Frame Signs

As we mentioned in our last blog post, A-frame signs are some of the most versatile, durable, and affordable signs available. These signs work really well for promoting holiday events at community centers and churches. They are great for sidewalk advertising for holiday sales at retail shops, and are perfect for promoting festive food and drink specials at cafes, restaurants, and pubs.

Vinyl Banners

Exterior vinyl banners are customizable, affordable, and stand up to the high winds and intense winter weather we experience here in Arlington. These are great for advertising for seasonal businesses, holiday sales at retail shops, and for driving traffic to your restaurant or pub. Vinyl banners are especially great for car dealerships who usually offer holiday promotions and sales. Additionally, these can promote special holiday events such as church services, holiday concerts, and plays, and can also be carried during holiday parades to promote a business or organization.


Yard Signs

Yard signs are incredibly versatile, and while they are often used for real estate and political purposes, they work great as wayfinding signs during the holidays. For those who decorate their yards and homes with elaborate holiday decorations that attract visitors, some of these homes are located off the beaten path. Yard signs make excellent directional signs to point people towards your home so they can enjoy looking at your holiday lights.     

Feather Flags

For businesses who generally only do business during the holidays, these are the perfect advertising option for you. For instance, for Christmas tree sellers, feather flags are the most eye-catching way to get noticed by prospective customers. These signs are often bright, colorful, and while they are located at ground level, they stand high enough for people to see them clearly from far away. As the flag signs wave in the breeze, they capture the attention of passersby who might continue driving by if there’s no obvious sign promoting a business.

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