Welcome back the Sign Central blog! In our last post, we began exploring some of the top businesses that benefit from monument signs. In case you missed part one, monument signs are favored by a wide range of businesses and organizations because they are some of the most durable exterior signage options available. Better yet, monument signs offer versatility in that they can be customized with many different graphic, illumination, size, and material options. They are water resistant and easy to maintain, making them a cost-effective investment to drive traffic to your business. Here are five more businesses that can benefit from installing custom monument signs. Ready to start a custom sign project? Contact Sign Central, your Top Rated Local® Arlington signage company.

Five More Businesses That Benefit from Monument Signs

Multi-Family Housing Unit

Monument signs are perfect for multi-family housing units such as apartments, condos, and townhomes. They are large exterior signs that can be installed in a gorgeous garden as an effective wayfinding sign that adds a touch of style and architectural beauty to a property.

Mobile Home Community Entrance

Monument signs are also commonly found at entrances to mobile home communities. These signs are welcoming and very easy to see. Mobile home communities are often tucked away in larger residential areas, so it can sometimes be hard for visitors or potential residents to locate these smaller housing communities. Monument signs offer exceptional visibility and bring character to any housing entrance.

Medical Center

If you’ve been to a large medical center, you have probably seen an enormous monument sign or several of them at each entrance. Monument signs are powerful wayfinding signs that target all demographics. They are generally situated in the direct line of sight of passersby, which is valuable in helping patients and visitors easily locate a medical center.

Car Dealerships

We mentioned that monument signs are versatile, which makes them the perfect sign for car dealerships, both small and large. Monument signs amplify the message the business is putting out. These signs combine stunning lettering, graphics, and a beautifully constructed structure that can be installed into the ground or even on pylons. Monument signs are wide enough and tall enough to display lots of features, making them ideal for car dealerships that often display various pieces of information on their signage.

Law Offices

Monument signs can be cut and shaped into attractive designs that combine various materials like aluminum, concrete, and masonry and illuminated with channel lighting, backlights, or LED spotlights installed in front of the sign. As a result, the sign offers sophistication and stunning architectural beauty that can be a gorgeous installation for any law office. While it functions as exterior advertising and wayfinding, a stylish monument sign adds a touch of class to a property that entices passersby.

Start an Exterior Sign Project

Ready to drive more traffic to your business? Invest in a monument sign to not only attract potential patrons, but to also add a touch of elegance to your commercial property. If you think a monument sign is for you, contact Sign Central to start your next sign project. As a full-service sign company in Arlington, we can design, fabricate, secure the proper permits, and install your exterior sign in a location of your choosing. Skip spending hours searching “sign company near” and contact your Top Rated Local® signage company.

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