Welcome back! In part one of our blog, we began exploring some helpful tips Arlington restaurant owners will want to consider when determining how best to attract customers to their eatery. The tips we listed include:

  • Keeping your storefront, entryways, and outdoor patio clean and welcoming.
  • Design an enticing company logo that is easy to read, uses colors that reflect your restaurant’s theme, is memorable and recognizable, and placed in clearly visible locations.
  • Investing in large storefront signs, tall signs, and other sign options that can be seen when walking or driving by.

Below are a few more tips to follow to help you drive traffic to your local eatery.

Advertising from Every Angle

Use a variety of sign options to attract customers to your restaurant so that you can reach them at any angle. Keep in mind that when people are walking by your restaurant, they will tend to focus on what is at eye level. Banners, A-frame signs, window graphics and decals, and pedestal signs are excellent eye level signs for attracting customers. You’ll also want a large custom storefront sign hanging above street level so people can see your place of business from far away. If your restaurant is on the corner, make sure to advertise on any side windows. You can even use enticing directional signs to direct people to your entryway. Be mindful of possible sign obstructions like parked cars, trees, shrubs, curbside plants, and street signs. When placing signs on the sidewalk, be sure to comply with Arlington’s sign placement and advertising regulations.

Invest in Illuminated Channel Signage

Illuminated channel letters are the perfect way to advertise your restaurant day and night. Having multiple LED signs (but not too many, of course) allows you to convey concise messages to current and potential customers, such as whether your eatery is open or closed, what kind of food you serve (e.g., pizza, burgers, subs, etc.), and if you serve alcohol. Channel letter signs use LED lights to illuminate storefront signs, and can be used to either illuminate the entire line of text, or just one letter that could match your logo. There are a plethora of ways to use illuminated channel signs to attract people to your business no matter the time of day.

Personalize Your Sidewalk Signs

A-frame signs are great because of their versatility, durability, and affordability. While these sign holders can hold digital printed posters for promotional use, they can also be used to convey humor, personality, and quirkiness about your restaurant that can attract customers. Chalkboard A-frame signs are perfect getting a little playful with your signs, and be quite welcoming to passersby. You’ll want to use your words sparingly, keeping these written messages to eight to 10 words so they can be read in a matter of seconds. Use this space to be humorous, or give potential customers a short tidbit of enticing information that will make them want to stop in for a bite or drink. This is a great space to mention characteristics about your business that sets you apart from others, telling customers something they may not know about you just by looking at your logo. For instance, spotlight your experience in the local restaurant industry and the fact that you’re not part of a chain by mentioning, “Local, family-owned pizza place since 1973!”

Get Your Sign Today

Combining these tips with exceptionally designed, fabricated, and installed restaurant signage can make your restaurant a desired destination for regulars, locals, and tourists, alike. Call Sign Central, your Top Rated Local® Arlington signage company to start a sign project for your restaurant.