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What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Before we dive further into our blog, let’s briefly discuss what channel letter signs are. Channel signs are typically used by commercial businesses and are constructed with 3D letters and graphics. These signs are built from plastic and metal and come in a variety of colors. Signs can be front lit, reverse lit, and both front and backlit. Signs can seem like one more business expense. However, the benefits that a sign and specifically, channel letter signs provide, are undeniable.

3 Benefits of Channel Letter Signs


First of all, channel letter signs are practical; they tell everyone where your business is and what services or products it provides. To help customers find your business, you need to install a sign; a channel letter sign allows your sign to be seen during the day and night, and no matter the weather. If you’re tired of clients calling unable to find your location, it’s time to invest in signage.


A channel letter sign can also effectively communicate your brand. Because the lettering, color, and graphic options are nearly endless, it’s easier than ever to install a sign that matches your logo and branding. A sign that matches your other marketing materials will solidify your brand; it allows you to consistently communicate what your business does and how you do business differently in comparison to other companies in the area. Because most people will find your business or decide to choose your services over a competitors from an internet search, it’s incredibly important that your brand is consistent to avoid confusion: confusion is often the catalyst for clients choosing to go somewhere else.

Cost Effective

Because a channel letter sign allows you to communicate your brand, it is a cost-effective way to advertise for your business. Combine a well-lit sign with excellent location and you have a means of advertising that is working for you 24/7, rain or shine, and costs no more than the initial investment of buying and installing your sign. You will not find a more cost-effective means of advertising for your business than your signage.

Ready to See Your Business Glow?

Are you ready to see your business “glow”? Sign Central would love to work with you to create a sign that is not only practical, but also effective for communicating your brand. We have been the top-rated Aurora sign company for over 25 years — we know signs! To learn more about us, our channel letter signs, and to contact us, visit our website.