Welcome back to the Sign Central blog! In our recent posts, 3 Steps to Create a Brand Color Palette and 3 Tips for Effective Exterior Signs, we offered tips to help you create a powerful, 24-hour marketing and advertising strategy to draw in patrons and help grow your business. Today, we will continue looking at ways Chicagoland businesses just like yours can enhance their advertising by exploring the different types of exterior sign options available. Exterior signs are essential for any business or organization; however, in a sea of signage choices, it can be difficult to settle on the one that best suits your brand. Here are the top exterior signs to consider when starting a sign project. Then, when you’re ready, reach out to our Top Rated Local® Aurora sign company to design, fabricate, and install your exterior sign.

Four Types of Exterior signs

Illuminated Channels

Illuminated channel letter signs are just what they sound like: illuminated. Probably one of the most popular types of signs, illuminated channels offer a three-dimensional graphics element. Illuminated channels are fabricated from aluminum sheet metal due to its resistance to rust. The channel letter can be painted and outfitted with a light source, typically a cost-effective LED light, or even neon gas tubes. Channel letters are among the most popular type of exterior sign because they can be shaped into just about anything you can imagine. What’s more, channel letters can be illuminated during the day and at night.  

Non-Illuminated Channels

Non-illuminated channel signs are one some of the most common outdoor signs featuring dimensional lettering. These standard, durable signage options typically function as a locator and wayfinding graphic. Non-illuminated channels can be custom fabricated from metal or high-density foam to perfectly reflect your brand, and can be installed on the business’s facade, as a stand-alone sign in a yard, or incorporated into other types of exterior signs. While these signs do not feature illumination implemented into the sign itself, there are effective options for illuminating these signs using an LED light box or backlighting methods.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are powerful attention-grabbers which are easily viewed by patrons walking or driving by. Monument signs are freestanding outdoor signs that are typically low to the ground. These signs are often more organic looking, even though they are typically fabricated from durable aluminum and high-density foam, which reflect masonry elements such as a stone, brick, and stucco. Expert design and fabrication gives monument signs a high-end, handcrafted appearance. These exteriors signs are excellent options for businesses located in residential settings, slower traffic areas, and are especially ideal for churches, funeral homes, and other similar organizations. Sign Central can help you find the right illumination for your monument sign so that it is visible both day and night.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are similar to monument signs, but they soar much higher above ground for better visibility. Pylon signs can be fabricated into a number of shapes and sizes, and are ideal for businesses located on busy streets. These signs can be stand-alone or they can advertise numerous businesses located in one shopping center or building. Pylon signs are commonly seen at car dealerships and in shopping and medical centers. Oftentimes, one pylon sign will feature a number of faces, three-dimensional fixtures, and lightboxes highlighting different businesses.

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