Welcome back to the Sign Central blog! Have you been trying to find ways to draw attention to your business? While any signage is better than no signage, some types of signs are much more visible than others. One of our most popular sign options is illuminated channel lettering. Illuminated channels offer a three-dimensional graphic sign, which is fabricated from sheet metal (typically aluminum) to create various shapes and designs. Channel letters can be painted any color to fit your brand and can be fitted with your desired lighting components, including LED lights and neon tubes. This is one of the most popular types of signage because of its 3D and illumination properties. Think of the glowing golden arches you see when you pass a McDonald’s, for instance. In today’s post, let’s look at five ways illuminated channel signs can make your business stand out from the rest. Ready to start a sign project? Call us, your Top Rated Local® Aurora sign company.

Welcome to the Third Dimension

Two-dimensional signs are an effective way to get people to notice your business; however, three-dimensional signs take your advertising to a whole new level. 3D channel letters provide eye-catching graphics that generally stand out more when compared to flat signs. Three-dimensional signs feature enhancements to the entire design of the sign, including the height, depth, and width. Along with “popping” out from the flat surface of your storefront or building exterior, the 3D aspect of an illuminated channel creates a natural shadow around the sign that can make your sign stand out even more. Dimensional designs and lettering add depth to a sign. This can make a 3D sign much more impressive than a two-dimensional sign.

Enhances Visibility of Your Signage

Three-dimensional signs are much easier to see from a distance, enhancing the overall visibility of your signage. Most signs can be easily seen by people walking past your business, but what about those passing by in their cars? Enhancing the visibility of your sign will only benefit your business, drawing in more people, and, thus, increasing your customer base as well as your profits.

Illumination Adds More Impact

Illuminated channel signs combine the three-dimensional element with brilliant illumination features that light up a sign. Front-lit channel letters (illuminated, translucent face) and reverse channel letters (illuminated from behind) provide a radiant effect that highlights the painted colors on your sign, which makes a greater impact on potential customers. LED illumination (or neon illumination, if you prefer) can be easily implemented onto your sign, creating a much more dramatic effect when compared to non-illuminated and two-dimensional signs.

24/7 Advertising

Along with making a stronger impact, illuminated channel lettering can be seen during the day and night. This option allows you to reach a wider number of potential customers who can see your impressive sign glowing brightly in the middle of the night.

Durable Signage Option

While 3D signs can be fabricated from a variety of materials, including wood, foam, and plastic, we find the metal works best for illuminated channel signs. Creating illuminated channel letters from metal — or aluminum, more specifically — elements the risk of signage rust. When you have a Sign Central channel letter sign, you can rest assured that your sign will last, regardless of the beating it may take from the elements such as wind, snow, and rain.

Start a Sign Project Today!

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