The Digital Age has posed a serious threat to brick-and-mortar shops around the country (and the world). After all, how can stores beat the convenience of online shopping, which allows customers to shop from the comfort of home in their PJs? The good news is that you don’t need to start themed “PJ shopping days” just to compete with online retail. According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of shoppers still prefer to head to physical stores for most of their shopping. But don’t rely on shopping trends alone to keep your business going. Here are engaging ways you can improve customer experience through your store’s signage: 


Go Bold

When you were choosing your store’s channel letter sign (or any other storefront sign), we imagine your main focus was to work with a sign company to make sure it was bold and bright enough to be easily seen. The same idea can — and should — carry across to the rest of your business signage. Bright colors and bold graphics are a great way to catch shoppers’ attention and draw them into your store. 

However, there’s a caveat to this. Bold, bright, custom office signs are a great way to catch attention, but there is a point at which people can get overwhelmed. Focus on bold signage in strategically placed positions so you don’t inundate your customers. Maybe this means a single A-frame sign on the sidewalk and half a dozen signs spread throughout your space. Or maybe it means a pair of brightly colored banners in your front windows and a large wall mural along one wall. Just take the advice of fashion designer Coco Chanel to find the right balance, and take off one accessory (or sign) you’re tempted to add in order to avoid going overboard with your signage. Just remember, the focus for bold signage should be on quality, not quantity. 


Go Dynamic

Digital frames, videos, and LED signs are all great ways to give your customers a real, physical way to interact with your space. According to a study from Cisco, 40% of shoppers said digital displays notably influenced their shopping. Digital signage is a great way to display information that changes more frequently, like sales or special services. It’s also a good way to give customers more agency to explore your space without help. Consider a portal that offers a “Which option is best for you?” style quiz to guide your customers through the options you offer in a way that helps them navigate on their own. It’s a great way to provide relevant information without overwhelming your customers with millions of signs. 


Go Social

Social media applications are king when it comes to marketing these days. Even if a majority of customers want to do business in physical stores, social media is a great way to connect with current and potential customers when they aren’t in your store. Consider a wall mural with your branding for fun photo ops when customers visit. Another good way to drive engagement is to invest in banners or canvas signage with a QR code. That way, customers can easily connect with you on social media, and those signs can easily go with you to trade shows or other events. When not in use for events, hang them up in your space to engage with your in-store customers! Just don’t forget that the point of connecting via social media is to give your customers ways to engage beyond what they get in store. Maybe that means a sneak peek at upcoming events or contests that are only available via social media. Whatever you choose, it’s a great way to use the digital realm to support your brick-and-mortar business. 


Go Custom

One of the biggest ways to lose out on engagement is to have bland, non-personal signage supporting your business. One of the single most powerful things you can do to drive better customer engagement is to start by forging a solid relationship with a local sign company. Look for someone who can help with custom storefront signs, but can also provide corresponding exterior and interior signage to carry your brand across every space. For custom signage of all kinds in Aurora and across Chicagoland, connect with Sign Central today!