Welcome back to the Sign Central blog! With the holidays and a new year in sight, it’s time to start thinking about the changes you want to make to your business in the upcoming year to continue to find success. There are a lot of ways to bring attention to your business and be a force to be reckoned with in the area. In our last few blog posts, we discussed the key factors to increase sales during the holidays, and we also discussed the benefits of window sign painting and how it can be a cost-effective way to generate more business and show off your brand. All of these methods of marketing are effective when you have a high-quality and effective exterior sign. How do you know if your sign is serving your business well? Today, on the Sign Central blog, we are going to discuss the key factors for an effective sign and thus when it is time to redesign.

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Questions to Ask When You’re Considering Redesigning Your Exterior Sign

With every investment that you make for your business, you expect to gain a return on investment — this is a basic part of doing business. An exterior sign can seem like an insignificant investment because it’s “just a sign,” but the sign for your business isn’t just a piece of decoration. It’s how customers find your business, it’s how you brand your services or products, and it’s how you advertise to the community at large. As a result, it’s important that you have the right sign for your enterprise.     

Is It in the Right Location?

Your sign needs to be readily visible from a variety of angles and large enough to read from the road, and, depending on your location, from the highway. If it is hidden by landscaping that can’t be trimmed, a park bench, or any other obstacle that can’t be moved, it may be time to reinstall your sign somewhere else or to get a new, bigger sign altogether. As you seek the best place to install your new sign, remember the main purposes of a sign: help customers locate your business, advertise, and bring in more business.

Is it the Right Size?

Having a sign that isn’t readable defeats the purpose of having a sign. As mentioned above, your sign should be big enough and readable from nearby roads and from all significant, nearby major thoroughfares. As you consider the right size of sign, also think about the font and design; sometimes a sign can be large, but still be unreadable because of the sign’s design. Even if your sign is large, if it isn’t readable, it still isn’t serving you well.        

Is It Lit Properly?

You also need a sign that is properly lit; otherwise, you aren’t getting as much out of your sign as you possibly could — even if you aren’t open in the evening. A sign that is visible during the day and then lit at night is essentially “free” 24-hour, seven-days-a-week means of advertising. Though neon was the preferred type of lighting for a long time, no longer is it the best type of lighting for modern businesses. LEDs are growing in popularity due to their reliability and energy efficiency.

Does Your Sign Communicate Your Brand?

When it came time to develop your brand, you probably created a strategy implementing color theory, your own inspiration, and general marketing tenants to create the perfect brand and logo. Since you put so much time into your brand, why settle for a sign that communicates anything less? Your exterior sign should effectively communicate your brand both in style and color.

If your sign isn’t serving your business, it’s time for a change. Contact Sign Central for your exterior sign needs in Aurora.