Wrapping a vehicle with your business name and information is one of the smartest things that you can do. Not only is this a fantastic way to get your name out, but it’s one of the most affordable forms of advertisement available. Here at Sign Central, we are happy to provide business owners with high-quality designs that they need when wrapping their car.

Whether you’ve never wrapped a car before or you’re in the process of designing the next wrap, there are a few things that you need to know in order to make this a successful form of advertising. In today’s blog, we are going to cover just a few of the things that you should be aware of when considering wrapping a business car. Our hope is that this information helps your next car wrap, and the wraps in the future, become incredibly successful advertising options.

It’s Affordable

As we mentioned earlier, wrapping a business car is one of the most affordable forms of advertisement. On average, a wrap can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000. While this may seem expensive upfront, you need to consider just how durable car wraps are. Aside from being a great deal, it’s going to be so much easier to get your name out around town!

They Last Long

One of the many reasons that we love wrapping business cars is because they last so long. This is where that affordable price point comes in. When you wrap a car in vinyl, it can last upwards of nine years — that’s pretty incredible for something that you only paid $1000 for! Truthfully, you aren’t going to find a more affordable form of advertisement, and you’re definitely not going to find one that you can get nine years of use out of.

They’re Removable

While vinyl wraps are a long-lasting form of advertisement, we entirely understand that you aren’t always going to want to have the same advertisement printed on your car. The good news is this is something that can be removed quickly and without doing any damage to your vehicle. So, even if you change the name of the business, the hours, or something along those lines, it’s a quick and easy process to get the wrap taken off.

Quick Process

Alright, so we’ve got you sold on the fact that wrapping a business car is a fantastic and affordable form of advertising. If you think that this process couldn’t get any better, it does! Aside from being affordable and being affecting, having a car wrapped is also an extremely quick process. Depending on the size of the vehicle being wrapped, the process of wrapping a vehicle can take as little as one to two days to complete.

Freedom of Design

When it comes to the advertisements that you use for your business, there’s something nice about having the freedom to design it as you’d like. The great thing about car wraps is that there is still quite a bit of freedom in regards to the design. While you do have to consider the shape of the vehicle, you will want to get an idea of how the image and fonts will look when placed on a car, so there’s still a lot of opportunity to design the car wrap precisely as you’d like. You are entirely able to add images, text, phone numbers, and the like.

The Pros can Help

Having a car wrapped for the first time can be a bit intimidating. After all, a car isn’t exactly an affordable purchase. Luckily, most professionals that offer vinyl wrapping have quite a bit of experience. Whether it’s the initial design that you’re worried about, the process, the placement, or something along those lines, you can count on the professionals to guide you along the way.

Let Sign Central Wrap Your Car

Now that you understand just how beneficial wrapping your car can be, it’s time to let the team at Sign Central help you design your next wrap. We have spent years helping businesses in Illinois get the quality signage and print advertising that they need to inform people and draw in customers. If you’re ready to get started on your vinyl wrap, contact our team today. We would be more than happy to provide you with additional information.