Illuminated channel signs are among the most popular exterior sign options. As one of the most versatile types of signage, channel letters feature three-dimensional letters and/or graphics that create an impressive, eye-catching effect. Channel letter signs are generally fabricated from plastic and aluminum because of its low-rust characteristic. This makes channel letter signs one of the most durable signage options. Our sign experts can create different shapes, fonts, and styles, and can use a variety of colors and illumination options for added effect. Today, let’s explore some of the top uses for illuminated channel letter signs. If you’re ready to start an exterior sign project, contact Sign Central, a Top Rated Local® Aurora sign company that is family owned and operated, with more than 25 years of experience.

Custom Made Signs

When you need a custom made sign for your business, event, or organization, channel letter signs offer an impressive style that can be seen near and far. Illuminated channel sign fabrication is easily customizable so that the sign perfectly represents your brand, style, and service or product. Channel letter signs can combine a whole swath of fonts and graphics to make a completely custom fabrication.

Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor business signs can start looking the same, which is why you’ll want to choose a sign option that stands out from the rest. Sure, two-dimensional signs get the job done, but they are much more effective signage options for interior spaces. Illuminated channel lettering, on the other hand, is so much more impressive when used for outdoor business signs. The three-dimensional design combined with brilliant colors and either front-lit illumination or reverse illumination (backlighting) makes each letter stand out so passersby can clearly read your sign.

Building Signs

Illuminated channel signs are particularly effective signage solutions for buildings. Small or two-dimensional signs can be difficult to see on a building. Having a colorful, brilliantly illuminated 3D sign catches people’s attention and helps them locate your business.

Storefront Signs

Channel letter signs are particularly impressive because of the three-dimensional design that can transform any flat surface into one that really pops. Storefronts have the tendency to look the same, which is why adding non-illuminated and illuminated channel letter signs to a storefront can transform it from looking average to extraordinary.

Personalized Outdoor Signs

If you want to create an exterior sign that is unique to your brand, channel lettering is a fantastic option. Our designers will work with you to create your desired fonts, colors, and graphics that fit your needs. Illuminated channel signs can make your company or organization stand out when compared to a similar business that has a standard sign and design.

Start An Exterior Sign Project!

Simply put, illuminated signs are one of the best signage options. They are versatile, easily customizable, impressive, and highly visual, adding a level of advertising that you may not get with simpler, two-dimensional alternatives. While any sign is better than no sign, illuminated channel signs top the list as one of the best. If you’re looking for new exterior signage options for your business, event, or organization, call Sign Central, your trusted Aurora sign company.